When I was growing up, there was a quaint little country store about a mile from home called Maloney’s. In addition to candy, milk, cigarettes, and trinkets, they featured two arcade games for their patrons to play. Most of the biggest hits cycled through this little place, PacMan, Ms.PacMan, Centipede, Asteroids, and Galaxian among them. Every now and again, however, games that weren’t very well known or mainstream would show up. Games like Space Encounters, Omega Race, and Frenzy all took up residence there, in addition to a 1980 Taito title I’ve never seen anywhere else. . . STRATOVOX.

Stratovox was of the “slide-and-shoot” class of Space Invaders variant: use a two way joystick to control a left-right moving defense base at the bottom of the screen; use the lone fire button to launch missiles at attacking aliens. Yeah, been there, done that. Or have we? – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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