For raid junkies, the Mystics and Mayhem event is a must-do.


The Mystic and Mayhem update has a lot to offer players who are always looking for new ways to farm Lost Ark gold. It introduces a series of challenges, new endgame instances like the Interno difficulty Legion raid, a limited-time Abyss Raid event, and a guardian raid. It’s safe to say that the significant October update has a lot of content to look forward to. You can even join in on the fall festivities thanks to the Aldebaran Harvest Festival! And yes, special rewards can be earned by accomplishing quests for the season.


Just Like Clockwork


Amazon Games’ second try at breaking into the MMO market has been more successful than its prior launch of New World. Lost Ark immediately picked up a hefty chunk of players and remained high in the Steam Charts months after its launch. You could argue that Lost Ark gained more traction because it was already released in South Korea in 2019, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Western audience would be keen on playing it, either. Lost Ark has been steadily progressing toward parity with the OG release by adding new classes, raids, and Lost Ark gear already available in the Korean version. Lost Ark usually releases a major content update every month, so the Mystic and Mayhem update is just like clockwork.


Highlights From the Mystics and Mayhem Event


Let’s start with the main shows of the event, shall we? Here’s what you can expect from the Mystics and Mayhem event for Lost Ark.


  1. Mystic Abyss Raid Event


The Mystic Abyss Raid Event is a limited-time challenge where you’ll progress through three gates, where you and your fellow players must face off against a mighty dragon. Should you complete the raid, you can get event tokens. These can be exchanged at the Exchange NPC in cities for various Lost Ark items and cosmetics. You can attempt the limited-time event from October 26 to November 16 and repeat it every week. Note, however, that you must have an item level of 1302 to participate, and all stats of your character will be aligned with the raid bosses to give everyone a fair chance.


  1. Vykas Legion Raid


The Vykas Legion Raid is the latest in Lost Ark’s Inferno difficulty Legion Raids. Inferno is the highest difficulty of Legion Raids and only suitable for those with endgame stats and gear in Lost Ark; it’s not for the faint of heart. Since the Vykas Legion Raid is of Inferno difficulty, you won’t get regular rewards—instead, you’ll get achievements, titles, fortress buildings, and more.


Like the Mystic Abyss Raid Event, the Vykas Legion raid will have the Scale of Balance in effect along with the Book of Coordination, thereby normalizing a player’s gear. If you want bragging rights, completing the Vykas Legion Raid along with your party might be the raid that can give you the challenge you’ve been looking for. To participate in this raid, you must have an item level of 1460.


  1. Aldebaran Harvest Festival


According to the dev team, the Aldebaran Harvest Festival is a traditional Arkesian festival that celebrates the time when Aldebaran—the god of life—brought life to the earth. During the festival, when the biggest moon rises, it’s customary for the people of Arkesia to eat from that’s crafted from the harvested grain, where they’ll pray for each other’s health.


To open up a short, one-time quest introducing a series of daily quests, you must go to MokoMoko Night Market Island and talk with Morimototo. Should you push through until the end, you’ll get rewards such as Halloween-themed costumes, a pumpkin carriage mount, pets, and many more. You can also earn tokens to create gift sets; you can use the gift sets to buy items like Honing Support Selection Chests, Card Packs, and the like. The Aldebaran Harvest Festival will run until December 7, so you have no reason not to join in, considering it has a longer duration than the raids we’ve discussed.


More Plans Before 2022 Ends


Amazon Games recently outlined its plans for Lost Ark with a new development roadmap. There’s a lot to cover, but before we see the end of 2022, the team hopes to introduce three new raids, the Achates Trial Guardian, the Reaper Advanced Class (November 2022), and the Summoner Advanced Class (December 2022).


What do you think of the content planned for the conclusion of 2022? Would you like to see more Lost Ark gear implemented in the game? Let us know your thoughts!

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