Elevator Action was one of my favorite games as a kid. I used to remember going to a diner with my folks and playing the game after we ate. I loved being a secret agent trying to go around to find documents in a building swarming with bad guys. While there have been a few ports of Elevator Action during the 80‟s, Taito released a little known port for the Game Boy Advance back in 2002. So sit back and grab some Black Black Gum as we take a look at Elevator Action Old and New.

Elevator Action Old and New came out in 2002 and is from a small company called Media Kite. I had heard about the game a few years ago when I read that Taito was going to be doing updates of their classic arcade games on the Game Boy Advance, one being Bubble Bobble and the other being Elevator Action. While Bubble Bobble Old and New made it to US shores, the port of Elevator Action stayed in Japan where it was released in very small quantities. The only reason I was lucky enough to get the game is because I had asked Gerard (Writer of Press Start and this very fine article you‟re reading now) to pick it up while he was living in Japan. Thankfully after a long search he found a place that had a copy.

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