Another day and another Game and Watch mention, as the previous one was called ‘Donkey Kong Jr’ which was ported over to multiple commodore systems, and this latest release for the ZX Spectrum 48kb and above, is called ‘Mario Bros G&W’ by Menyiques. Now unlike the other game port developed by alargames, this Mario Game and Watch title was originally released from 1983 and has now been created using ZX Boriel as a ZX Spectrum demake.

Here is what the wikipedia says about the game “Mario Bros. is a title for the Game & Watch. Despite its name, it has no similarity to the arcade game of the same name. Instead of plumbing, Mario and Luigi are working at a bottling plant and must prepare packages of bottles to load onto a delivery truck. This game, played on the Multi Screen model of the Game & Watch, was released on March 14, 1983 three months before the much more popular arcade title, making this the first game to feature Luigi”.

“The model opened like a book and could allow for simultaneous two-player action, with one player controlling Luigi on the left half of the game and the other playing as Mario on the right, making it the very first Super Mario game to have two-player mode”.

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