There have been many racing games before and after Mario Kart, but none of them compare to the popularity of Nintendo’s series of racing games that have been created for multiple consoles. Every console and handheld that proceeded after Super Nintendo had a new version of the game. Mario has been an icon ever since 1985 when the Super Mario Bros. game introduced a cast of characters to the gaming industry. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach – all were making a name for themselves. Dozens of games starring the Mario crew were created in the in the mid to late 1980’s, but near the end of the decade, racing games like R.C. Pro-Am, F-Zero, Enduro Racer and Super Off Road were introduced as the next popular wave of entertainment. Nintendo used the popularity of driving games and put Mario characters in each car, giving gamers the opportunity to be one of their favorite characters. When the Super Nintendo came out, they jumped on the opportunity and created the very first Mario Kart. It was and still is a big hit. Since then, ten total games have been created on every console and handheld to follow. Here is a little summary of each of those games.

Nintendo always thinks of ways to improve and renovate any games they make, whether it is Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, or Kirby’s Adventure. Mario Kart Double Dash is a prime example of changes made to a franchise. In this version of Mario Kart

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