For those of you who are looking for a great Sega Mega Drive news story for Christmas, will be excited for this announcement. As we have just been tagged via Ray Castello that Mauro Xavier together with Edmo Caldas and Master Linkuei, have released the first demo for the upcoming Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of Mega Final Fight. A full work load of┬ábringing Final Fight over to the Sega Mega Drive with with improved character designs, better graphics, more faithful sounds, a new 2 player auto mode and much much more. As one person puts it “This looks way better than the Sega CD port already”.

As we said before, while the SNES version had multiple things missing such as Level 4, an entire character, and no two-player mode. From what we know about this version that’s being created by Mauro Xavier, music by Edmo Caldas and Master Linkuei, who is working on ripping, tricks & tech support. The creators have mentioned via Twitter, It will different from the Sega CD version because they are changing the assets – improving upon the Sega CD release, using more graphics from the arcade version, have improved game play features and so so much more. Something you can experience first hand in this early demo.

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