When it comes to games such as Meat Boy and VVVVV you just know the game is going to be fun but extremely challenging and sometimes frustrating as hell with broken keyboards and frustrating screams. Well if weren’t able to check out the frustrating yet enjoyable homebrew game of Slow Mole because you didn’t have an NES, you’ll be pleased to know that as of just recently, we’ve been told the game is now being developed for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis as Mega Mole; a hardcore puzzle platformer with a focus on challenging maneuvers and mind-bending puzzles.

Yes indeed welcome to a new game from SlowMoleStudio that will have you bashing controllers in frustration. A game that wont just feature lots of unique levels, but nasty traps, collapsible floors, dangerous ooze and anything you could possibly think of that will cause your mole to die in agony. Seriously if you loved games such as Meat Boy or VVVVV you are sure to like Mega Mole when it gets an eventual release.

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