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Any creative art, from movies to novels to video games (yes, I called video games art), has to move forward with new techniques and big ideas. And any designer who hits on something that’s never been done before will give it their all to make it happen. This is how innovation happens, giving us games that break rules and redefine the field from Doom to Myst, to The Sims. All these things were projects that people thought would never work, and they did. But there’s a trade-off to consider, and it’s that the results may only appeal on a technical level. It’s like the joke about the tap-dancing elephant, you aren’t amazed that it does it well,
you’re amazed it does it at all.

Which brings us to today’s subject, Merlin’s Walls. Ebivision is Eric Bacher and Igor Barzilai. They started making Atari games with Alfred Challenge (no typo, that’s the actual name) and have five titles under their belt. They really are experts at the technical aspects of the Atari. Pesco is a maze game with three enemies and none of the flicker like in the Atari Pac-Man games (rumor has it the game was originally Pac-Man and a ROM exits of that version). Merlin’s Walls is the second effort from Ebivision.

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