The open elevator ride on the Pluto defense outpost has easily been the worst you’ve ever taken. Laser shots from almost every direction have almost hit you, and robotic cargo movers have malfunctioned and are blocking your attempts to get down the elevator shaft. Up to this point, you’ve been able to jump over them; but now you’ve seemingly witnessed what will be your final moments: more laser shots have cut your movement down from a horizontal space, and two cargo bots have stacked on top of each other, preventing you from being able to leap over them. You realize you are about to be crushed and close your eyes, hoping it will be quick and painless.

As your vision darkens, you think back to accept-ing this mission brie ng and how you underes mat-ed the di culty of this mission. No one thought that even though the massive robot-controlled laser sys-tem had malfunc oned and was single handedly destroying en re planets in the Solar System, that the rest of the base’s robo cs would also turn against its makers. Was it a virus or did the artificial intelligence become too smart and saw humans as a threat? The fact that the laser system was rota ng itself to re at Earth for its next shot seemed to indicate the latter. The people of Earth needed someone to shut the en re base down, and that’s when you foolishly volunteered for what has turned into a suicide mission.

The M-308 Gunner suit you were given to pilot has stood up to all the dangers of this mission. Armed with a versa le weapon and the ability to invert the suit’s gravity, not even a tall stack of cargo bots should be able to get in your way. Opening your eyes, you man-age to punch the bu on to invert the suit’s gravity, just a split second before the cargo bots would have pulverized you. You now stand inverted on the top of the elevator’s ceiling and return re on the sen ent robots that were gunning for you. You made it, but you realize you s ll have three more levels to go before you can pay a visit to the planet-cracking laser cannon.


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