Starting out this season of expos we go from Milwaukee to New Jersey to Ohio and end up in Los Angeles for the mega E3 expo!


The Midwest Gaming Classic is the first video game expo I have ever attended. It started in 2001 and I’ve been attending since about 2012. For 2018, it moved to the Wisconsin Center, where it grew to over 100,000 square feet, and by my estimations, approximately 10,000 attendees. While the snow that hit Milwaukee on the second day of the show did hamper things for some attendees and the exhibitors (having to pack up/load up in the snow storm and then drive home like we did), it was an amazing event.

The partnership of Dan Loosen and Gary Heil that produce the event, along with the entire crew, exhibitors, sponsors and everyone else involved should be applauded for their work in making this event absolutely amazing. What makes this event so amazing is the family that puts it together.

This show was sort of like home turf for Old School Gamer, since we had all 4 of our advisory board members in attendance (Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Dan Loosen and Doc Mack), a good handful of our writers, and Paige, Marc and Aaron from the Burger family that owns Old School Gamer. Old School Gamer set up two of its 20 foot video screens with games on them, a couple Retro-Bit gaming stations and other exciting exhibits in the arcade area. Plus, in the vendor hall, we were able to give out lots of sample magazines and talk to gamers. We were also able provide Meet & Greet opportunities with King Of Kong and King of Arcades stars Billy Mitchell, Walter Day and Ritchie Knucklez.

MGC is a two and a half day show that starts out with activities for its V.I.G. (Very Important Gamer) pass holders with private arcade and gaming time, while setup for everything else is happening on Friday evening. On Saturday morning is when it gets going, with massive crowds bursting at the entrances. At 10am, it’s time to game, shop, network and learn until the early evening.

Saturday night, additional events were held offsite and onsite to keep the game playing going. One floor down from the main floor there was additional events sponsored by groups and midwest- ern arcades like Doc Mack’s Galloping Ghost Arcade. These areas added to the content and excitement of the show, and by my estima- tions, less than a third of the people even gave those events any attention. This was possibly because they were so busy with things on the third floor. Or maybe they just never made their way downstairs.

Sunday was just a continuation of everything on Saturday, with some repeti- tious events. The day also served as ‘Family Day’, where a discount deal was available for those that felt they only needed one day to soak it all in. Readers of Old School Gamer would probably want to plan on traveling in for the whole spread, and if you are planning on attending this year, I would recommend you come in mid-Friday and leave Sunday evening. There are several hotels within close proximity of the convention center and near the convenient skywalk system that will cost you around $120 per night by the time you pay for the room, taxes, etc.

Dates are yet to be announced for next year but get on their mailing list at their site and stay tuned to Old School Gamer for news!Here are several hotels within the close and convenient skywalk system that will cost you around $120 a night by the time you pay for the room, taxes and etc.

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