It’s been several months since we reported on the Evercade. The new retro handheld console that uses a cartridge system and includes HDMI-out previously had a handful of big-name publishers sign onboard, including the likes of Atari, Interplay and Data East. Since our last post, Namco has been added to the growing list and will include two separate cartridge collections that include games such as Pac Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Galaga and Mappy (there are twenty-two titles in total).

This week, it was announced that retro-inspired indie developer, Mega Cat Studios will be releasing a cartridge with ten of their own games. This includes recognisable titles by the publisher such as Coffee Crisis and Log Jammers – those of which have previously been made available on other platforms ranging from the NES to the Switch. A full rundown is available here, but here’s a quick listing for the time-constrained among you:

Almost Hero
Coffee Crisis
Creepy Brawlers
Justice Duel
Little Medusa
Log Jammers
Old Towers
Super Painter

The Evercade truly is becoming a handheld that could appeal to a wide target audience. It’s covering at least three generations at this point.

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The other Evercade related news is the revealing of the first official announcement trailer. Disappointingly, everything is still presented with 3D renders – we’re yet to see what this console will actually look like in the flesh. Regardless, we get a first look of the cases that store the cartridges and the box the console will sell in. The cartridge cases look somewhere between what was used for Mega Drive games and VHS tapes.

Regardless, the Evercade is shaping up to be an interesting entry in what is quickly becoming a flooded market. The association with well-known publishers is certainly a plus, but I’m hoping that the next news we receive will be a video (or at least photos) showing this working in the real world, not 3D space.

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