Luna City Police Department Seeks Trigger-Happy Hero. Apply Within!

WC reated by Irem and co-published with Williams Electronics, Moon Patrol was one of the premiere side-scrolling video games. It is recognized as the first arcade game with parallax scrolling, a computer graphics technique where foreground images move past the camera faster than the background images, generating a rich illusion of depth.

When you signed up with the Luna City Police Department, who would have thought that you’d be assigned to Sector Nine – home of the toughest thugs in the galaxy?

Your beat is divided into two courses: BEGINNER and CHAMPION. Each course is divided into 26 segments, marked by points A- Z. The gauge at the top of the screen indicates your location. The gauge is divided into five sections: A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, and U-Z. At the end of each section, you’re awarded bonus points based on your travel time. The faster you complete a section, the more points you’ll score.

Sure, you’ve got the finest moon buggy on the force – complete with anti-gravity jump buttons and laser bullets – but in the rough terrain of Sector Nine, you need more than fancy equipment to survive.

Your enforcement vehicle is stacked! There are super absorbent shocks installed on all three axles providing the moon buggy with a smooth ride and the ability to hop lunar pits and land mines. A roof-mounted anti-aircraft gun can spray up to four bullets upward in tandem, while the forward cannon fires a single blast at boulders and oncoming assailants.

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