It’s an age-old debate in the FGC. Whenever a game comes out and has been around for a bit, the question begins to pop up: who is the most powerful character in the game? There is no fighting game on the planet that doesn’t have fans asking this question. To be fair, it is a fascinating question, but there are two sides to it. On one hand, there is the most powerful character in the game’s meta, and this is due to the buffs or other tools that the game developer has given a specific character. This is the only ranking that matters for most people as it informs whether to pick that character or go for someone else. But, as most fans do, there is also a huge interest in the backstory of a game, and when you follow a game’s lore deeply enough, you’ll find that there is a character that is canonically stronger than the rest.

For instance, in Mortal Kombat 11, many players will tell you that the strongest character is Cetrion. This is true because her damage potential is insane, and she’s also able to play the zoning game impeccably. Therefore, many players opt to pick her for tournaments and casual play. However, while Cetrion is high on the canon tier list for most powerful character, that title could well belong to The One Being, who is, for all intents and purposes, the god of the Mortal Kombat world.

Today, we’ll be talking about Brawlhalla and the most powerful beings in that Universe. Brawlhalla is interesting as it comprises of champions who are immensely powerful, but even in such a setting, there is a hierarchy of power and a tier list that places some characters on top and others at the bottom. So, who is canonically the most powerful being in Brawlhalla.


All the Legends of Brawlhalla have fascinating backstories of their life on earth, or at least some sort of origin tale, but not Orion. He mysteriously appeared in Valhalla and no one has ever seen him outside his suit of armour. From the local Valhalla gossip, it seems most of the other Legends think of him as some sort of mythical creature, there is even some talk about him being Thor in disguise. We have no documentation of his deeds, but the way he is treated by the rest of the cast and the valkyries who seem to want to curry favor shows that he must have some mettle. Unfortunately, his lack of backstory is also a reason for people to doubt his strength because you cannot tell if he is just a really good fabricator who has everyone fooled and while it is doubtful that this is the case, it is still something to take into consideration.


While Orion has little to no backstory, we do know a lot more about Artemis who we can call the mortal enemy of Orion. Artemis didn’t start out this way and was born Mary Washington. Artemis is extremely powerful, a fact that became quite obvious soon enough when she (Artemis) decided that she wanted to take down her foe, Orion. To do this, she opened a wormhole and instead of appearing in Asgard, she instead found herself in a vacuum in space. While Artemis’ combat abilities haven’t been tested terribly, her ability to survive in a vacuum of space and the genius with which she was able to create for herself a suit of armor (Orion had theirs made by the sons of Ivaldi) are more than enough evidence of her immense strength. That she is friends with Nix is an added bonus and when you consider her feats, you’ll have to come to the conclusion that she is one of the most powerful characters in Valhalla.


So…Thor is a literal god. What other reason does he need to be on this list? Okay, so let’s talk about Thor for a bit. Gods are generally insanely powerful beings, but depending on their tendencies, they might not wield that power for fights or destruction. Some are lazy and won’t hone their skills and therefore end up more like mid-tier gods with great power but poor application. Not Thor. Thor lives for fighting and takes great pride in his exploits, he would even join in a fight he hasn’t been called into. Thor will fight anywhere and doesn’t seem to consider any fight beneath him. What’s more, he can back up his words with action and his strength is clear for all to see. Truly Thor is a god among gods and his acceptance as a Legend shows his popularity and the recognition of his strength.

Ps. fun fact: It was Thor who came up with the name Brawlhalla


Bodvar is the poster boy of Brawlhalla and he is definitely deserving of that position. Bodvar is a Viking warrior who was born of a human mother and a bear father (don’t ask us how that worked out). He is credited with the destruction of many terrible enemies and armies. He led his people against impossible foes like the giants and the White Dragon Sorcerer. He was so powerful that he essentially couldn’t be killed. Dreaming of Valhalla, he decided to just gate-crash without the help of any valkyries since even death didn’t seem to be able to best him. He came into Valhalla of his own free will and has remained there unchallenged. It seems that no one has the heart to tell him he doesn’t belong or that he needs to leave. With such accolades, Bodvar definitely belongs on this list.


Nix is a reaper and one of the very best in the business. Many don’t consider how difficult it must be to work as a reaper. What happens when the subject is unwilling to leave the mortal realm? What happens when the subject is too powerful for regular reapers? This is where Nix comes in. Her hit list includes the Unmovable Titan of Heraklion, The Hundred-legged Banshee of Donegal and The Undead Lord of Elyria. No matter how powerful her targets are, she is more than capable of taking them to the underworld. This, of course, makes her one of the most powerful entities in the entire Brawlhalla cast according to lore. She even has her sights on Bodvar and Orion, and with her track record, you cannot put it past her to actually succeed.

Those are our top five list of the most powerful characters in Brawlhalla going by the lore. Is there someone you think belongs in the list but isn’t there? Or do you disagree with one of the entries? Leave us a comment and let’s have your list of the strongest characters.

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