Now that you’ve pulled your DVD player out of the box and watched The Matrix sixteen bajillion times – both with and without the commentary – what next? Well, believe it or not, your DVD player may be a real live classic gaming machine.

First, step into your Wayback Machine, time-hopping DeLorean, or TARDIS, and revisit the year 1983, when the coin-op video game industry was sure – I mean, they were absolutely positive – that the Next Big Thing was here, and the future belonged to laserdisc games.

In laserdisc games, a simple processor awaited user input and would then decide whether or not the correct pre-programmed action had been performed at the right time. Depending upon the outcome, that processor would then seek out, as fast as the machine’s built-in industrial grade laserdisc player would allow, an appropriate digitally-recorded video clip – either the next few moments of your adventure, or your character’s
hideous and painful death.

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