I’ve been a cataloger here at Heritage Auctions for two years, but this month marks the first time we’ve offered the Super Nintendo version of Mr. Do!, my favorite video game of all time. There are only four copies on Wata’s June 2023 population report, and the game is hard to find in general, especially factory sealed, but we’ve got a gorgeous 9.2 A+ example in our November 30 Nintendo 8 to 64-Bit Video Games Showcase Auction.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to write about Mr. Do! for the late, lamented Game Informer column, “Greatest Game of All Time,” a memorable section of Classic GI.

Here’s that write-up, reprinted for your perusal:

Despite a mere two megs of power and a distinct lack of graphical sophistication, Mr. Do! for the Super NES is sheer gameplay excellence, offering up a killer rendition of the vastly underrated Universal coin-op classic from 1982. Players control a goofy-looking clown as he digs tunnels, gobbles cherries, and throws a magical ball at “creeps” that prowl the ever-changing mazes in hot pursuit of our hero. Near the center of each maze lies a food item, which when eaten brings forth an Alphamonster and his henchmen. Killing enough Alphamonsters can spell out EXTRA, granting players a bonus life.

Mr. Do! Extra life bonus screen

Occasionally, a sparkling diamond will appear. Gobbling up this goodie is worth 10,000 points and advances the game to the next screen. Level progression otherwise requires eating all the cherries, spelling out EXTRA, or killing all the monsters.

Mr. Do! eating all the cherries screen

Mr. Do! is often dismissed as a poor man’s Dig Dug by philistines of the gaming world. While it was indeed inspired by that great game, it’s an excellent title in its own right. Throwing a ball at enemies may not be as satisfying as blowing them up with a pump, but watching helplessly as the ball bounces around the tunnels, missing the enemies when you desperately need the ball back, is excruciating—in an exhilarating kind of way. More importantly, spelling out EXTRA adds an additional element to the action, and the “pushable” apples in Mr. Do! are more versatile than the “unpushable” rocks in Dig Dug.

Mr. Do! spelling out EXTRA

Mr. Do! is strategically diverse and endlessly entertaining, and it has smooth difficulty progression, meaning anyone can play. In later levels, it takes tremendous skills to survive, but the game never gets frustrating. Upping one’s high score to the nth degree can be a years-long objective.

So, what makes this version superior to the arcade original? Nothing less than a two-player Battle Mode that pits one clown against another! Thus, Mr. Do! for the Super Nintendo gets my vote as the Greatest Video Game of All Time.

Mr. Do! game cartridge


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