When you start a new game, you always want to learn which characters are the most convenient to your playing style and what are the most outstanding in the entire game. The Mobalytics team is ready to help you and thus presents a brief tier list, where the Multiversus best characters are highlighted. Follow the link, and learn the heroes’ features and division into classes.

Mobalytics team research

Mobalytics is the name of a complex of sources and solutions you can use to handle your favorite games better. As the name suggests, the tool offers the analysis of every playing session you have at every stage. It allows you to understand the mistakes you’ve made better and learn how to fix them in the future.

For better awareness of the users, Mobalytics has a blog where the team posts various analytics: comparisons, tier lists, etc. The articles are categorized, so it is far easier to find the information if you need particular data. Uncategorized articles also happen, but this is another category you can look through. The tier list rating the characters of Multiversus is also an article among the other content in this blog.

Multiversus game: what, when, where

Before discussing the characters, it’s better to learn more about what game is analyzed.

It was released in July 2022 and attracted attention with several bright moments. It is a crossover platformer, so it presents the most popular characters from other media sources. Games, cartoons, and series were the sources of the heroes, and there is barely any system in how the game presents these characters to the player.

The degree of how different these heroes are can also confuse a little – it’s quite hard to understand if there’s any way to compare Bugs Bunny to Arya Stark. But Mobalytics brings clarity to this question and presents detailed infographics to help you understand who to start with and who corresponds more to your gameplay manner.

The rate of characters

The characters you can find in Multiversus are diverse. Most favorite universes you know are represented by at least one hero here. Thus, there are old-as-gold cartoons like Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry, popular Adventure Time and Steven Universe, phenomenal series like Game of Thrones, and even real life. It may be a little complicated to realize the balance of capacities heroes have.

Thus, there are five tiers:

  • S+ tier, where you can find only Bugs Bunny;
  • S tier with four characters;
  • “A” is the most numerous, but even within this number, there is a gradation;
  • B tier has two characters to play;
  • Only Taz is assigned to the C tier as the worst character in the game.

The other typologies are present too, but they describe the functions and simplicity of the characters.

Multiversus is a relatively new game that has great potential to offer. The characters are balanced quite well even at this point, and sure, during further updates, they will be even better. So watch the updates and tier changes, and join the Mobalytics community!

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