When we think of music games today, we think of titles such as Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero or Rock Band, all of which have their positive attributes, but are mostly newer (with the exception of DDR which made its first appearance in the late 1990s). Even still, it’s not a genre that has seen much growth since the inception of video games in the early 1970s.

When Guitar Hero and Rock Band hit the scene, they became massive successes for three reasons – they were fun as hell to play (and even harder to master), combined people’s passions for music and video games, and were fun to play with friends or at a party. But that “lightning in a bottle” for games in the music genre has been difficult to replicate, even with multiple reboots of the signature franchises. As a person that is both a vintage and modern gamer, I must say my favorite of
the series was Rock Band – The Beatles, which arrived in 2009.

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