It can be difficult to write a magazine article. You have to sit down, focus, etc… It’s not really FUN. Actually, it’s quite easy to put off. I’d rather just play Bomberman on my Sega Saturn.

What’s that? Did I just say I was playing on one of the “newer” systems? Cast out the infidel! But
wait, hear me out for a moment – I am here to RE-DEFINE classic gaming for you.

If you like your current defini- tion, and feel threatened by a re-definition, then EAT THIS ARTICLE. If you think you’re a classic gamer because you have a closet full of Atari 2600 carts you seldom, if ever play, then just TURN THE PAGE. Unless you want to see classic gaming encompass both OLD and NEW and to reject those who cling to either, then DON’T GO PAST THIS LINE.

I’m warning you, any line now…

So maybe you’re a tad CURIOUS as to what I have to say, even though you may not LIKE it, here
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