Love my Tetris, no doubt about it.  I’m not very good at it, at least compared to CTWC-level competitors, but it’s a game I have fun on without a doubt and probably my most played video game.  I now have the game in four different forms, my cabaret arcade machine, NES Tetris, GameBoy Tetris and now the MyArcade Tetris handheld unit that hit Amazon and plenty of other online avenues late last year.  All of them play differently as there are so many different incarnations of Tetris but they all hold the same pickup and go level of video game action I love.  I’m not the type of person who wants to spend hours on a game at one time, or in a “Save-Continue” type of basis.  I want the 5-15 minute session of game play that I do in between other things.  And Tetris is the perfect game for that!

Now how about the MyArcade version of it?

When pulling it out of the package it’s a well built machine serves the job well.  I wish it had rechargeable batteries instead of the 4 AA’s needed, but I anticipate that these batteries will last a ton longer than an average gameboy color with it’s battery system.  According to the TetrisWiki it is running a variant of the 8-bit version of Tetris developed by Shiru.  This unit wasn’t made for the hard core tetris’-a-holic but for the casual player as it varies on the game play a bit from the original versions I’ve played on all the other platforms.  There are some settings to move up to higher levels with or without a handicap.

It’s a well built piece of hardware again from MyArcade running Tetris!  Check out other reviews and then get yourself on the way to you!

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