The late 80’s and early 90’s where breakthrough years for classic gamers, the Sega Genesis had hit the market in 1989, SNK released the mind-blowing arcade perfect home console, Neo-Geo in 1990, the Nintendo Entertainment System was still going strong and in late August of 1989 one very nostalgic gaming system was released along side the Sega Genesis, the TurboGrafx-16 by NEC.

Being 22 years old, one of my first memories as a gamer that I’m very fond of, was playing the TurboGrafx back in 1990 at our neighbors house. I still live in the same neighborhood and every time I drive by that house, memories of me eating Broccoli (monster trees I used to call them) dipped in a bowl of melted cheese while playing Keith Courage, Ninja Spirit, Bonk, Air Zonk and Splatterhouse among many others come rushing back. As a gamer, I’m very grateful for the TurboGrafx because originally the TurboGrafx was never intended to be released in the states…. let’s pack our bags and find out what happened. Don’t forget your tooth brush, Nintendo DS and oh yeah, your TurboExpress as we take a flight back in time to Japan.

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