As any X-Men fan that is also a NES gamer can tell you, the first ever X-Men video game was The Uncanny X-Men for the NES, which was released by LJN. And as any NES gamer can also tell you, that game stinks. So I can only imagine the feeling that X-Men fans got when they heard that LJN was following up that “masterpiece” with a second X-Men title, this one simply called Wolverine.

Wolverine is the most popular member of the X-Men crew, which is a Marvel superhero team created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics in the 1960s. He was not part of the original X-Men team but was a member of the revamped X-Men team that was introduced in 1975. Since then he has gone on to his own comic book series, his own NES game and now he‟s the first to star in his own spin-off movie.

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