Modern day casino enthusiasts are extremely fond of video slots that come equipped with unique soundtracks, 3D graphics and advanced features that make them a lot of fun to play. However, there are still a good number of seasoned casino players who prefer the games that started it all, those good old classic slot machines that had the most basic gaming features and only 3 reels.

If you too are one of them, you’d be happy to hear that there are some reputed online casino software providers such as NetEnt that offer a handsome variety of classic slot games, with the same basic features and 3 reels. Here are some popular and reputed Netent Casinos where you can check out these titles.

History of Classic Slots and the Netent Classics

Classic casino slot machines are much older than what many people think. The first slot machine came into being in the year 1895, when Charles Fey developed one armed bandit which became a huge success and the ancestor of all present day casino slots. A lot has happened in the casino slots industry since then. The modern-day NetEnt slots look a lot different from those one armed bandits, nevertheless, there are still a few features that remain common. First, majority of the NetEnt classic slot machines feature 3 reels, and second, the fruit theme holds great popularity even today and is present in all these classic slots.

Please note, even though these games are called classic slots, they are created using modern day technology to make them work smoothly and appear cool. Coming to their features, you won’t find a lot of free spins and/or wild symbols even in the best of these classic slots. Some might have special features such as the hold, which enables players to fix one of the reels, while the other 2 continue spinning and the mystery game.

NetEnt classic slots are also regularly played by people who’ve never played slots before and would like to start with something rewarding and good-looking initially. Apart from them, many players who get tired of modern-day complicated slots, switch to the classic kinds for some simplicity and break.

Netent Classics – Features

Even though the NetEnt classic slots aren’t equipped with a lot of advanced level features, and don’t have those high end graphics, they are still capable of delivering high pay outs, and also give you a chance to win those big jackpots while playing them. But please keep in mind that the jackpots in these classic slots are not anywhere close to the kinds offered by some of the video slots you might have played, for instance, Mega Fortune. Nevertheless, they are still very interesting, especially for millennials who have grown up playing those old school fruit machines in casinos.

MegaJocker, a classic fruit machine, Beetle Frenzy with cute cartoon bug symbols, Magic Love with heart symbols and Jackpot 6000, a first-of-its-kind mobile friendly online classic slot, are some of the popular NetEnt classic slots you must try out for sure.

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