The Dreamcast Encyclopedia

Every Game Released for the Sega Dreamcast

Author: Chris Scullion

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  • Complete coverage of every game ever released for the Sega Dreamcast, a cult favourite among video game fans
  • Contains every game released in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, giving a 1009a complete guide to the Dreamcast’s entire game catalogue worldwide
  • Full colour screenshots for every game give readers a good idea of what they like
  • Unique ’Fact’ boxes provide a fun or interesting piece of trivia for all 600+ games in the book
  • Written in a light-hearted and entertaining manner by a retro expert with 17 years’ experience as a professional video game journalist

The Dreamcast Encyclopedia is the fifth book in Scottish author and games journalist Chris Scullion’s critically-acclaimed series of video game encyclopedias. The Sega Dreamcast is fondly remembered by players as a games console that was ahead of its time, almost to a fault. Its incredible graphics offered a level of detail that hadn’t been seen on home systems to that point, and its built-in modem brought online multiplayer to many console players for the first time ever. Ultimately though, the release of the PS2 (and later the GameCube and Xbox) led to struggling sales and Sega would eventually pull the plug on the Dreamcast just two years into its life, bowing out of the console manufacturing business altogether. On paper the Dreamcast was a commercial failure, but those who owned one remember it so fondly that for many it remains one of the greatest games consoles of all time, with a small but well-formed library of high-quality games. This book contains every one of those games, including not only the entire western library of around 270 titles, but also the 340 or so games that were exclusively released in Japan. With over 600 games covered in total, screenshots for every title and a light-hearted writing style designed for an entertaining read, The Dreamcast Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to one of the most underrated gaming systems of all time.


About the Author

Chris Scullion is a Scottish video game journalist with more than 15 years of experience writing about games professionally. He’s been playing games since the early ’80s and is the author of the NES, S/\/US and Mega Drive Encyclopedias for Pen and Sword Books f White Owl Books. Although he’s best known for his six years at the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, he’s also written for the likes of Computer & Video Games, Official Xbox Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine, Nintendo Life and Petro Garner. Chris is currently the Features Editor for Video Games Chronicle (VGC).



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