An awesome preview of the upcoming LEGO x Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow’s Escape set has just dropped, making both Sonic and LEGO fans incredibly happy.

The Sonic The Hedgehog collection on the LEGO website has been growing like crazy, and we couldn’t be happier.

It was just back in August when LEGO announced 5 Brand New Sonic LEGO Sets, but the Shadow supplementary set was not included in that update.

So cool to see even more unannounced sets are in the works!

According to a Twitter post from @TailsChannel, we might be able to snag our ‘Shadow’s Escape’ set as early as January of 2024.

The focus of the Shadow’s Escape LEGO set is of course Shadow and his Dark Rider motorcycle.

Additionally, the set will feature a Cucky riding a RhinoBot, as well as the genetic tank where Shadow is kept by his maker Gerald Robotnik.

This tank is also seen at the end credits scene following the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 film, foreshadowing the eventuality that we’ll see Shadow in the third film.

Release Information

The Shadow’s Escape (76995) set should get an official announcement from LEGO very soon.

And will make an awesome addition to our growing Sonic X LEGO corner of our offices.

The LEGO community is estimating a $20.99usd retail price, which aligns with most smaller supplementary sets.



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