One of the most popular online games worldwide – World of Warcraft – is finally releasing a new realm called The Shadowlands. It offers players around the globe to enter a nightmarish realm that exists between Life and Death.

Alongside new exquisite challenges and vicious bosses, a new leveling system has been introduced. Leveling up has always been a difficult task. This triggered the rising popularity of the WoW Power Leveling Service that eliminates the problem. Basically, a player doesn’t need to spend hours leveling up. He can merely delegate the task to professional carries that will do the job.

In this article, we will elaborate on the new system and provide you with the latest information on what awaits you in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

A Level Squish in the New WoW Expansion

In the previous expansion – World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth – the maximum level players could reach was 120. However, the Shadowlands reshaped the leveling system. Now, the max level is only 60.

What does it mean for champions of Azeroth? Prepare yourself for a level squish. Those who managed to climb to the peak of the leveling mountain – 120 – will find themselves only at lvl 50 in Shadowlands. However, this isn’t such a tragedy as it may seem at first sight.  Players will have to gain only ten more points to become leaders again.

As for the other levels, they are also squished in pre-patch. Here are some examples of how it works:

  • BFA 110-111 lvl – Shadowlands 45 lvl
  • BFA 100-101 lvl – Shadowlands 40 lvl
  • BFA 90-91 lvl – Shadowlands 35 lvl
  • BFA 80-81 lvl – Shadowlands 30 lvl
  • BFA 68-71 lvl – Shadowlands 27 lvl
  • BFA 57-59 lvl – Shadowlands 24 lvl
  • BFA 41-42 lvl – Shadowlands 18 lvl
  • BFA 29-31 lvl – Shadowlands 13 lvl
  • BFA 20-22 lvl – Shadowlands 10 lvl
  • BFA 10-11 lvl – Shadowlands 5 lvl
  • BFA 1 lvl – Shadowlands 1 lvl

There is no need to worry about the relative power of the characters as it remains the same. All that is changing is the number that represents it. Although it’s good news, players still need to adapt to the new system.

Why Squishing Levels in Shadowlands?

Previous year WoW developers highlighted three aspects that required improvements in terms of leveling up:

  1. The time to reach the maximum was too long
  2. Players’ satisfaction suffered as the rewards didn’t always meet their expectations
  3. Lack of consistency as users didn’t have enough time to fully immerse themselves in each storyline before leveling out of an area

With the new leveling system, developers aim to resolve all the issues. First of all, leveling up is supposed to take far less time than before. According to recent reports from beta, a Youtuber Towelliee claims to promote the level from 1 to 50 only in twelve hours.

However, it doesn’t mean that the developers will keep everything the same as the adjustments can be made after the beta. However, one thing is for sure: leveling up will be much faster than before.

The second problem of poor satisfaction is also addressed. Due to a much lower number of levels, players are going to get more meaningful rewards every time they hit new heights. This is definitely good news as the process itself is going to be more rewarding.

The third issue is also likely to be resolved. Since obtaining the level is easier in Shadowlands, players will have enough time to explore the realm of the dead completely before the time runs out.

What Else Awaits Players in Shadowlands?

Players won’t have the same leveling experience. WoW has decided to divide them into two groups and offer a unique journey for each. In the Shadowlands, there are two gamers’ categories based on the playing background:

  • The new: Obviously, those who have never had a character in WoW before are attributed to the group. Moreover, probably those who didn’t manage to reach a max-level character are also in the club.
  • The experienced: Till now, the only criteria on how to enter this group is to have several characters in the account. Nothing is yet clear about their minimum level.

Each group will take its own path of leveling up. For example, new players start from the Exile’s Reach to gain the first 10 lvl points. There, they will get acknowledged with the basic mechanics of the game. As for the experienced ones, they have a choice, either to enter the Exile’s Reach or to choose one of the traditional racial/class newbie zones.

As you can see, World of Warcraft Shadowlands introduces a lot of changes. Till now, they look hopeful. However, the real effect will only be seen when we enter the arena and try everything new out.

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