Retrobitgame.comis a new web based subscriptions box service that delivers original classic games to your door every month.

Retrobit Game is a new retro and classic games subscriptions box, set up by a group of retro gamers and collectors. The service offers other gamers and collectors who subscribe to a box, a fully curated games library service which cover’s the cost of receiving x3 original classic console games every month. Best of all the subscribers get to keep the games and build up thier collection!

Unlike other subscription box services, differs by offering great accessibility with a full global distribution service and free international shipping. The services cover’s a wide range of classic consoles, including games for UK PAL, US NTSC and JPN NTSCJ classic consoles. For those younger subscribers who are new to retro games, they also supply original classic consoles too. So getting into original retro game playing and collecting has never been easier.

The team behind are an international group of friends who are dedicated retro game collectors that are passionate about games from the 8bit – 64bit era. “We are passionate gamers who got tired of bloated costs, ebay scalpers and rip off merchants passing off low quality, overpriced and even fake retro game cartridges,” said Robert Guy one of the cofounders of

With their international distribution network on the ground in the US, UK and Asia they are able to source and supply games locally, helping to reduce costs and overheads but supply a truly global customer base with a fast, secure and scalable service.

“As gamers ourselves, we wanted a way to build up our own retro games collections with genuine quality classic cartridges at a fair price,” said Guy. After disappointments with other services that either provided low-end games, long waiting times or limited access to imported retro games they decided to set up our own retro box subscription services.

According to the cofounder Robert Guy, a big part of the problem has been hobbyists and scalpers who have given the retro games supply industry a bad name. Guy also said that over the last few years the number of non-gamers trying to cash in on the “retro game is trendy” niche in order to make a quick buck has been very frustrating.

“Unfortunately we have seen other great retro subs boxes fail and go out of business as they weren’t able to scale,” said Guy. “Lack of knowledge or growing too quickly without proper resources when it comes retro games collecting, trading and supply can quickly put you under if you don’t know what you’re doing. Basically, you can kill your business if you can’t provide a decent balance of quality and variety retro games versus price value for your customers. That’s why we decided to do it the right way.We have tried other service ourselves, but unfortunately got mediocre retro game subs boxes with a bunch of sports game and discounted eBay cartridges that nobody really wants.” said Guy.

How does it work? The guys hunt down classic game collections and even solo games that are no longer being loved, test them, clean them up, box them up with tender loving care and ship them out to loving new homes.

Customers that sign up to a subs box can select which classic consoles they own and what game preferences they love. Customers can even upload their own complete list of games to ensure they receive no duplicates and only quality games they will enjoy.

Innovation: recently teamed up with Gameye the app for scanning and tracking games collections, even loose carts, in order to help their subscribers to export and manage their games collection more easily.

A Retrobit Game subscription box costs US$29.99 a month, no lock-ins and you can cancel at any time. Coupled with fast free global shipping it’s a very attractive offer which is how they have grown so rapidly.

Subscribers receive x3 classic retro games delivered to their door every month. Unlike other services ships internationally completely free. In addition, they also provide games for UK PAL, US NTSC and JPN Japanese import games, so you’re fully covered.

Don’t have a retro console, no problem also sells original gaming consoles so you can get everything you need to get started.
So if you’re a fan of retro games or what to enjoy a blast from the past sign up for a Retrobit Game box over at

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