Like it did with the original NES last year, Nintendo has announced plans to revive the Super Nintendo as a mini, plug-and-play game console preloaded with a handful of fan-favorite SNES games.

The Super NES Classic Edition itself is a miniaturized model of the original 1991 console and comes complete with two SNES gamepads, 21 games, and the modern convenience of HDMI support.

While classics like Super Mario World and EarthBound are included in the bundle, what’s especially interesting about Nintendo’s second retro console launch is that the SNES Classic Edition also includes the never-before-released game, Star Fox 2.

The Super NES Classic Edition is set to hit store shelves on September 29, 2017 and is just slightly pricier than its NES cousin at $79.99. What remains to be seen though is exactly how long the system will be up for sale.

For the NES Classic, demand almost constantly outweighed supply and the mini console was notoriously difficult to come by in stores. Even then, the system sold 2.3 million units before it was discontinued after only five months on the market.

In the case of the NES Classic, Nintendo noted after-the-fact that the console was only ever planned for a limited release. The company hasn’t said if the same is true for the Super NES Classic Edition.

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