Have you ever wanted to relive the Civil War and lead the South to victory? Neither have I, but North and South is the only NES game that allows you to perform this very unpatriotic act as well many cooler things. North and South was originally released by Infogrames for the PC. In 1991, Kemco ported it over to the NES and North and South has quietly grown to become a highly desired but hard to find cart.

North and South combines strategy and action elements to try and give you a feeling for how it would be to lead an army in the Civil War. When you start, you are provided with plenty of options. You can play as either army, in any year, from 1861-1864 with the Southern army’s position worsening each year. You can also play on one of three skill levels and choose the skill level of the computer. This allows you to handicap yourself, once you get good at the game, by making the computer’s army much stronger than yours.

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