If you were born in the 90s, you probably remember the arcade games. Every child went to the arcade after school and spent all his lunch money on coins. These Greedy Coins Slots offered amazing games in which each game was more fun than the last. Such popularity leads to the fact that this topic got its implementation and popularity in slots online Canada casinos, where there are many nostalgia lovers.

Why Are Retro Games So Popular These Days and Why?

In general, it is common for people to be interested in items from the field of retro, classic, or vintage. Examples include clothing, cars, electronics, decor, music, movies. There is no reason to be surprised at expressions such as “old but good.” With that said, the fashion for retro gaming has grown exponentially in recent years. One indicator is the sudden popularity of retro-themed channels on YouTube. So where did this hype come from? Well, games have reached their heyday since they now have retro content.

The first real video game appeared in 1958 and was created by the physicist William Higinbotham. It was a simple tennis simulator, but it was he who started the games as we know them. It took several decades of progress before arcades became really popular in the 70s. Game consoles also began to gain traction in the 70s and early 80s with the likes of the Magnavox Odyssey and the Atari 2600. Later, the inglorious fall of Atari took place. This happened when Nintendo intervened with the NES in 1983, after which games began to transform into the force they are today.

Considering 1958, the gaming industry technology has been around for almost 59 years. But if you count from the time games became really popular thanks to the Atari 2600 and later the NES, the frontier is shrinking to a little over 30 years. It doesn’t matter where you count from, the main thing is that games have been around for a very long time.

As we mentioned, people are drawn to retro no matter what category it belongs to. When it comes to games, the older generation who love them has now reached the age at which you can experience real nostalgia. This is a strong emotion that makes you feel interested in everything that was at least 10 years ago. Many companies use nostalgia to increase interest in their products because it is profitable. People are unable to help themselves when it comes to fond memories from the past. 

Here’s an example: while cleaning a room or mezzanine, have you ever found things that you haven’t seen in years? How about meeting a friend or family member for the first time in such a long time that you can hardly remember the last time you saw each other? In these situations, most people feel anxious. For some reason, our brains are happy noticing something that was near us a long time ago.

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