The word is out on Nox Archaist! On Twitter, Richard Garriott, creator of the groundbreaking Ultima series tweeted “I greatly look forward to exploring this realm!” And Rebecca Heineman, creator of The Bard’s Tale III tweeted “I can’t wait to play this game on my Apple IIgs!”

Nox Archaist is a new fantasy role-playing game by 6502 Workshop currently in development for the Apple II (as well as the PC and Mac through Apple II emulation). It uses an old- school Apple II single HRES 2D game engine with modern updates where appropriate.

Mark Lemmert, co-founder of the 6502 Workshop and lead game engine programmer, gave a presentation on Nox Archaist at KansasFest 2017, an annual gathering of Apple II enthusiasts, where he demonstrated gameplay elements and provided a brief technical overview to attendees. Lemmert introduced Nox Archaist as a tile- based RPG with a “sword and sorcery” theme for original Apple II hardware and emulators. His talk included gameplay demos, a “behind the scenes” assembly language programming overview with Q&A, and several reveals. A video of the presentation can be found on YouTube.

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