New Atari-related releases are coming fast and furious, from many different directions recently. AtariAge. com has been publishing tons of new games, many of which were first released at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and to the public quickly afterwards. Additionally, Atari is constantly re-releasing its Flashback Classics series on new game consoles as the new generation comes out, this time on the Nintendo Switch, which was one of the reasons I bought the Switch!


Atari has now released Flashback Classics Series for the Nintendo Switch with 150 games included in the download (now available in download and physical format). It includes approximately 30 arcade games, including favorites like Tempest, Crystal Castles, Warlords, and Asteroids. Some of the games are also set to go into Tabletop mode, where you can use a Flip Grip to turn the screen on its side in Portrait Mode (Flip Grip Review by Rob Faraldi also in this issue). The other 120 games in the system are first party titles developed by Atari in-house back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Some of my console favorites included in it are Adventure, Fatal Run and the Sword Quest Series including Water World. I still have to play through the Sword Quest series, which I intend to do soon. While the first two games in the series, Earth and Fire, are pretty common, Water is a very rare cartridge, and this is one of the few ways you can play it without shelling out big bucks. Yars Return (the sequel to Howard Scott Warshaw’s Yars Revenge is also included, which debuted back on the Flashback 2 in 2005. Read the rest of the article here from Old School Gamer!

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