Despite the advent and proliferation of new technology, particularly mobile technology, classic casino games continue to stand the test of time, enchanting and enticing millions of US players every year to try their hand at some of the nation’s favorite pastimes.

Despite moves by famous casino brands to broaden their gaming repertoires, particularly in the wake of the decision by many states to legalise online wagering, interest in classic bricks and mortar casino offerings continue to rise.

Read any of the online casino reviews now available and you will find a wealth of new and exciting slot titles being offered by many of the leading brands, and they do attract their admirers, but it’s favorites like Blackjack and Roulette that still reign supreme.

In this post will look at the history of some of the nation’s favorite casino offerings as we attempt to uncover why they have retained such a special place in the hearts of casino players both young and old:


According to historians, early versions of this classic casino offering can be traced to as far back as Ancient Roman times, where chariot wheels were allegedly spun to reveal winnings.

Fast forward centuries and the forming of the game in its current guise can be traced back to Europe, and more specifically, France.

According to tales, renowned French mathematician and scientist Blaise Pascal allegedly went on vacation and spent some time playing at a Paris casino. Inspired by what he had witnessed, from there historians credit him with creating the original roulette game back in 1657.


Blackjack actually derived from a game that was initially called 21 and the first reference to this famous card offering was unearthed in the works of famous Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes- who is best known for penning the legendary Don Quixote.

In one of his works ‘Rinconete y Cortadillo’, the author tells the tale of a couple of cheats plying their ‘trade’ in Seville. According to the writer, the characters he describes have mastered the art of cheating at Ventiuna (Twenty-One).

Because of this discovery, historians believe Blackjack was initially created at some time during the beginning of the 17th century, around the time the story was written.


Glamourized by many a Hollywood flick, including 1990s Robert De Niro hit ‘Casino’, for almost two centuries now casino players have enjoyed trying their hands at a game of Poker, which is also widely known as the ‘Bragging Game’ when translated into the German ‘Pochspiel’.

Interestingly, the evolution of this game can be traced back directly to the historical movement during which commercial gambling was invented. All this happened in 1829 when UK  Actor Joseph Crowell first reported on a game of Poker being played in New Orleans.

According to his scribbles, Crowell noted that he witnessed a game being played with a deck of 20 cards and four players. He went on to mention that the game’s participants all wagered on who had the most valuable hand.

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