No matter how far technology and game developing has come, there are some “retro” games that are still worth it. While you can always play games on the Golden Nugget casino, we’re sure you are looking for something more.

The 5 Retro Games You Will Love

Here you will find the top five PC classics that are worth it, even though some of them are over 20 years old!

Half Life

If you have been born in the 90’s, we are sure you would have tried it out. The game came with amazing visuals for 1998 is mesmerizing.  It is a game of first-person shooter featuring Gordon Freeman who has to battle against an alien invasion. The way the game was made makes you feel like you’re in there for real.

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

This role playing game where you can control up to six characters, is the sequel to Baldur’s Gate. It also takes place in the Forgotten Realms with Gorion’s Ward as the protagonist and its encounters with Jon Irenicus. When it was released it was praised for its artwork, so go check it out if you haven’t.

Diablo II

 This action role playing game with its characteristic dark horror theme has been considered as one of the finest old PC games, even better than Diablo III. The player has to complete a series of quest (in each of the six acts) that include of course, battling some monsters. It takes place after the first game in the Sancturary world.

Fallout 2: A post nuclear role playing game

It features a larger and more extensive storyline than the first game: Fallout, although it didn’t really improved much. The game sets in the year 2241, in this post-apocalyptic world. And the protagonist, who happens to be the descendant of the hero on Fallout; has to find an environmental restoration machine in order to save his tribe.

Theme Hospital

In this hilarious and silly game, players design and run a hi tech hospital. But everything in there is crazy, it includes patients that vomit in waiting areas, the grim reaper walking down the halls, and patients dying in the corridors. It has all sort of fictional illneses like KingComplex. As the manager of the hospital you have to find the cures for all these diseases and all the craziness that comes from that search.


This list wouldn’t be complete without this game, which is why we had to include it. 


Because who doesn’t love a good old western theme game, right? In this first person game, players are Marshal James Anderson, who wants to bring justice to some criminals that killed and kidnapped his family. When it first came out, it was called one of the best PC’s first person shooter. It is also recognized as being the first shooter game with a sniper zoom and gun reloading.

Which one of these games do you want to try out first? Let us know in the comments below.

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