PS-Now Cloud Gaming is a Boon for Old-Generation Games

What is PS-Now?

The popularity of cloud-based gaming has increased over the past several years, and while Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming receive a lot of attention, Sony’s “PlayStation Now” really entered the market first. A cloud service is a terrific option if you don’t want to wait for annoying downloads to finish because it enables you to play some of Sony’s most popular PlayStation games without having to download them, including the ability to play some games on PC. While Sony discontinued PS Now support for the PS3 and PS Vita/TV in 2017, it strengthened the service by adding PS4 and PS2 games to the catalog in 2018 and enabling direct PS4 downloads. In addition, PS Now game streaming was made available to PC users in 2019 via dedicated software, and it is now supported on PS5. Over 800 games from Sony’s various gaming platforms are currently available on PS Now. According to, a major percentage of their organic visitors look for game reviews in addition to the casino and sportbet reviews published on their website.

Alluring Features Present in PS-Now

While gaming has been undergoing revolutionary changes, industry experts often propose alternative “what-if” theories that could have impacted the industry differently. Here are the top features that redefines the PS-Now trends.

  • PS Now Offers Excellent Value – The huge number of titles available on PS Now is the first thing you’ll notice. You may access literally hundreds of titles and play them as much as you like for the cost of one full RRP game every year (or less as games cost $70). That is a fantastic value.
  • On PS Now, several games are fully downloadable – We are all aware that the dependence on your internet connection is a major issue with game streaming. You will experience lag, performance problems, graphics flaws, and other problems when streaming games if your internet isn’t that excellent. Fortunately, many PS Now games are entirely downloadable, so as long as you have a subscription, you can play them just like you would if you had bought them online. By doing this, any issues with your internet connection are eliminated, allowing you to play your chosen game to its fullest potential.
  • You can stream a huge selection of games from various console generations – PS Now’s collection of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games is definitely worth your time if you want to play older games but don’t want to spend money on both the game and the device. With access to all of these games, PS Now effectively fixes the PS4 and PS5’s lack of backward compatibility with PS2 and PS3 games. You can play all of your games on one console with PS Now, which is available whenever you want.
  • A great way to experiment with new franchises and genres is via PS Now – Because PS Now has such a wide selection of games, it’s the ideal service for you to try out new franchises and genres. You have nothing to lose by trying this out because the games are free, you can stop playing whenever you want, and you might develop a love for a franchise or genre that you hadn’t previously considered. PS Now is worthwhile if you want to add a variety of unique games to your gaming library.
  • On a Windows PC, you can stream PS Now – The fact that PlayStation Now is available on Windows PCs, as well as Sony’s consoles, is a big feature. This is the closest thing we currently have to a Sony PC experience as many PlayStation games are limited to Sony’s platforms. This gives you a lot more freedom in terms of where and when you can play Sony games if you’re not near your console.
  • New Monthly Additions on PS Now – The monthly addition of new titles is another standout aspect of PS Now. The business concept of PS Now is comparable to those of streaming services like Amazon Prime or Netflix because it offers exclusive games, new additions, and games with a set time limit. However, the quality of this ever-changing selection of games is never compromised; if you use PS Now, you’ll always be able to pick a good game to play.

Considering all the mentioned features we can say that PS-Now is indeed a boon for old-generation games.

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