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Old School Gamer has been publishing it’s retro gaming magazine for the last five years.  Covering video gaming from its beginnings in the 1970s until the late 1990s, Old School had published 29 issues and is due for it’s 30th issue to go to press this month.  Articles range in content from arcade hits, to consoles, to retro computing and are written by some of the best writers in the industry

Old School Gamer has secured ½ of the finances it needs to take it’s magazine to the next level, the other ½ is up to the community of retro gamers.  And In the first two weeks of the kickstarter, major contributors have stepped forward like Steve Cottam – the CEO of Ant Stream, James Deighan of MegaCat Studios, Eugene Jarvis of Williams and Raw Thrills, Jong Wook-Shin of iiRcade.  At last count just over 100 people have jumped into our Kickstarter with the average of them doing much more than the $50 print magazine subscription or the $20 digital version.  

Old School Gamer has about fifteen thousand to go to its base goal but would love to bring in a total of forty thousand dollars and go further with its plans.  Check out OldSchoolGamer.Com or go directly to to see how you can get involved in this Kickstarter that’s goal is to document and celebrate the history of video games and computers!

For more information on the Kickstarter or interview requests please contact Ryan Burger, Publisher, at / 515-778-3030.

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