OSG #5 is available digitally now for all subscribers and will be in the mailboxes of print subscribers early next week… This “action-packed” issue puts the emphasis sports games in the realm of retro gaming.

  • We start out with NBA Jam and Mutant Football League, including our interview with Michael Mendheim and Tim Kitzrow (which was an absolute blast to do while we were at the Midwest Gaming Classic back in April.)
  • We go on to cover Early Computer Baseball, Sports Controllers and Atari’s great early Football Arcade Game.
  • Then it’s.2600 vs. Intellivision in the sports arena (just guess who wins), Sports games in the Arcade and at home and more.

Plus we unveil an occasional column called “I Didn’t Know My Retro Console Could Do That” featuring a cool Pickle Game for your 2600 from GoodDealGames.Com and some cool releases from AtariAge.Com. A review of the Going for Golden Eye movie, the Walter Day Report, Warren Davisremembering arcade industry trade shows and reviews of products to help you take care of your consoles and more!




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