Retro World Series and Old School Gamer are now working together to benefit the retro gaming community.  The Retro World Series was founded in 2015 by Hal Hawkins to build a competitive esports gaming competitive network for those that want to experience classic gaming at its finest.  And Old School Gamer Magazine launched in 2017 by Ryan Burger has blitzed the retro community with its first 2 issues already being distributed at half a dozen retro gaming expos in its first 6 months of existence.
“Before Old School Gamer launched I was able to see the Retro World Series in action down in Texas and was excited about the professionalism and organization that I saw on the gaming floor at the expo, and knew that if my plans went forward for the magazine, this was someone I wanted to work with” says Ryan Burger Publisher of Old School Gamer.  Hal Hawkins of Retro World Series added: “We’re excited to partner with a magazine so dedicated to retro gaming. Our agreement is tailored to benefit retro gaming fans, so that you have access not just to retro gaming competition, but to learn about retro gaming’s past and future.”
Old School Gamer will be promoting RWS appearances, highlighting its competitions and more and RWS will be spreading the word about its official retro gaming magazine partner, Old School Gamer. Look for more news from each of them at OldSchoolGamerMagazine.Com and RetroWorldSeries.Com.
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