Welcome, everyone, to another wonderfully-themed issue of Old School Gamer Monthly Magazine. Whether you are enjoying this online or in print, there is some amazing content in this issue, which primarily focuses on the 1970s (with a spattering of 1960s and 1980s), the decade that saw the rise of Pong, its many clones, Nolan Bushnell and Atari, Magnavox and its many lawsuits, along with so much more. This was a decade that brought video games, and more specifically, home video game consoles with removable ROM cartridges, to the mainstream. I’ve read all the pieces in this issue multiple times, so now it’s your turn to enjoy what all of us at OSGM have been creating over the past few months. If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you at brian@oldschoolgamer.com. Enjoy!

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