Playing Video games is fun and improves health. However, playing some awesome classic games today can prove to be a tough task. Modern machines can’t support the original systems and graphics.

If you missed out on the old games or you want to experience the nostalgic gameplay, you may need to find their modern video game remakes.  Developers use remakes and remasters to enable players to access older video games.

6 Top Modern Remakes of Old school Video Games

Game remake refers to a completely new game based on a classic game. Remakes allow you to experience an updated version of the old game, with enhanced graphics gameplay mechanics.

Here are six best video game remakes you will want to check out:

  1. Shadow of Colossus

Shadow of Colossus is vaunted as one of the topmost video games. Initially, the 2005 release brought fans a spectacular experience that went beyond killing monsters. The new version on PlayStation 4 is worth its salt. It comes with a larger world, gigantic Colossi, and extra features, such as Photo mode.

Killing the massive creatures make the game even more fun. While the remake is similar to the original releases, it has better controls for easy play. It now comes with 1080 p quality and capable of supporting 60 fps if you have a PS4 pro. Shadow of Colossus provides modern gameplay that makes it appealing to video game lovers.

  1. Resident Evil 3

The original release of resident evil for PlayStation was in 1999. The game follows the story of Jill Valentine, a member of S.T.A.R.S, who is pursued by Nemesis. The remake removes branching path mechanics shrewdly. The result is a streamlined and well-connected story.

Add tense gunplay and great top-notch variety of enemies, and you’ll find yourself in the edge of the seat. Since the video game is action-based, you’ll have a hard time moving away.  If you didn’t get to enjoy Resident Evil, this remake provides an intriguing experience that will make you appreciate why Nemesis is bad news.

  1. Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Like most classic games, the original release on the game boys featured A and B buttons and 8-bit graphics. Find more on the history of games here. The 2019’s Switch adds enhanced aesthetics to the 1993 initial release.

The adorable remake streamlines the core aspects and adds a whole new adventure. Besides a new dungeon, the remake incorporates charming graphics and an amazing soundtrack. But that isn’t all. Link’s awakening has modern mechanics. You’ll definitely enjoy the spruced-up classic we all loved.

  1. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro the Dragon was released in 1998, characterized by dragons, tricky puzzles, and a great protagonist. It was among the most popular videogames on PlayStation. The new release has elicited loyal fans and for a good reason.

The Spyro reignited comes with tweaked mechanics, and polished graphics and plenty of levels to complete. The series boast of entertaining characters and fun gameplay.  With the updated visuals, music, and sound effects, you can rest assured of a fun and exciting but equally tough experience. Besides these gameplay changes, you’ll love the game if you are a 3D platform enthusiast.

  1. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

The new release of Mystery dungeon series retains the primary storyline but perfects the gaming experience. It adds new features, including auto modes, for a streamlined gameplay exploration.

The move selection takes the game to a whole new level by giving you options to experience the old game in a new way. One of the unique features of the remake is the watercolor graphics. The gameplay changes make it feel like a brand new game. The graphics suffice to make this game remake an excellent choice for both new and old fans.

  1. Crash of Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy

This collection of video games by Naughty dog consists of three Crash of Bandicoot games. It is one of the most popular games in PS4 history, having topped the selling list for quite some time.

He upgrades from original PlayStation comes with enhanced visuals Crash Bandicoot also enables you to enjoy the classic titles with tweaks. The new release has adjusted difficulty, tow new levels, and additional time trials to crash 1 and 2. If you fancy platformers and you haven’t tried Crash Bandicoot, you are missing out big time. What’s more, is that you can play as a Coco on most levels.

Enjoy a Fresh Experience!

Since the beginning of this century, the gameplay, sound, and graphics of video games have improved a great deal. Remakes of old games allow you to enjoy classic games with enhanced features that support modern gameplay.

You can now enjoy tip-top games originally released before 2000. The remakes provide a fresh experience.  You will definitely enjoy these video games regardless of whether they are your childhood favorite or you discovering it for the very first time.

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