Those were the EXACT words I screamed when I laid  my eyes on the Nintendo Entertainment System for  the very first time. The moment has been vividly  burned into my brain. It was January, 1986. I was  sleeping over at my friend John Gaines’ house. I  assumed we’d spend the night making prank calls,  eating Fritos, and playing his ColecoVision, as we did  at most of our sixth-grader sleepovers. But my pal had anything more in my life. Just one problem… my frugal  father had JUST upgraded me to an Atari 7800 for  Hanukkah, which at that moment I thought was the  future of gaming. Murray Goldberg could not under stand how the new and improved Atari was deemed  obsolete a mere two weeks after he purchased it. I des perately tried to explain that Nintendo had superior  graphics and cooler games. Hell, it came with a friggin’  gun that let you hunt ducks and a robot named R.O.B.  that… did something. No one really knew, but still!  Owning a new game system, one that he boldly declared was  infinitely better than ColecoVision, Intellivision, and  Atari put together. It was called NINTENDO.

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