We’ve just received another great update in our inbox, especially for Commodore 64 gamers across the globe. As if you’re looking for lots of great C64 games to play with instant loading and added support of loading screens, then you really should check out StatMat’s OneLoad64 Games Collection v5;  An incredible collection featuring over 2000 unique games that are all in Magic Desk CRT format, such as Arnie, Arkanoid, Army Moves, Batman, Bruce-Lee, Commando and many other fabulous games!

You may need to sub to see the video!

Here’s what the creator says about this fine package of awesomeness for the C64. “OneLoad64 v5 has finally been shared with the subscribers of my YouTube channel and I will share more widely next weekend. You can always get earlier access by subscribing if you wish.(https://www.youtube.com/StatMatsVidz). It costs nothing and helps with me grow my little channel and help show your appreciation. I plan to be releasing some new content covering the process of adding games to OneLoad64 soon. Thanks for everyone’s support and understanding on the slight delay this year. The original plan had been to release at Christmas, but having discovered a few last minute issues, we thought it was best to hold off until they were resolved. Happy New-Year to you all and here’s to a great 2024 (including v6! 😜)”.

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