In recent years, the relationship between video games and casinos has increased. One of the main reasons is that they share a good part of the same-age audience. Many slot or poker gamblers grew up enjoying the different consoles in the 80s and 90s, from the Atari, the Nintendo, or the PlayStation.

For this reason, it’s not surprising that casinos are increasingly present in the theme of video games amid the evolution experienced in terms of graphics, sounds, stories, or gameplay.

Several video games offer within their stories the option to try slot machines, roulette, or poker, as in the case of Red Dead Redemption. In addition, other games simply allow you to enjoy these games of chance from anywhere, but in these cases, you do not bet with real money as in an online live casino.

Open World Video Games For Casino Lovers

All casino lovers have different video game options. But among the best games that both expert players and novices can enjoy are the following:

Grand Theft Auto 5. Diamond Casino & Resort

One of the most popular “open world” video games, highly sought after by the youngest. In this game, you can perform various activities with the main character. Casino lovers enjoy this video game because it portrays realistic casino gameplay. You have slot machines, roulette, poker, and even horse racing. GTA 5 offers a great experience for consoles like PlayStation or Xbox.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs – is another open world and a great action game. In in-game missions, you have to hack electronic devices and shoot a lot. The game also highlights various puzzles and mini-games. Slot machines and poker are the games of chance that appear in this game. In the slots, you can look for luck; sometimes, it’s necessary to hack them to achieve the objective.

Red Dead Redemption

It has become a true classic. A video game that has topped the popularity charts. It’s a game inspired by the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, a journey full of shots and very attractive challenges. Within the game, there is the possibility of playing blackjack or sitting at a table to play poker. The experience is realistic, so any 4 card lover can enjoy it.

Fallout: New Vegas

This game takes place in a world of the future, specifically in the year 2,280 in New Vegas, an apocalyptic city of Las Vegas. There are various missions and objectives to accomplish. The graphics and sounds are very attractive. The aura of online gambling cannot be missed. It exists with a side mission in a casino, offering the option to play blackjack, slots, or roulette.

Resident Evil

It’s among the most popular video game sagas in history—missions full of terror, excitement, and wild confrontations. In Resident Evil, you have the chance to play blackjack, but in an amazing way. In the seventh version of this game, “21” appears in a torture chamber, so the mission is to win to get out alive.

Other Open World Video Games that Have Casinos in them are Worth Mentioning

  • Watch Dogs: Legion features a casino in its representation of London, where players can participate in gambling activities like poker and blackjack.
  • A. Noire features a few casinos, including Royal Nevada, as part of its representation of Los Angeles in the 1940s.


Are there Casino Games that Can’t be Played in Open World Video Games?

These are some games that any casino fan wants to try for a completely different experience. But other more realistic options are not found in the “open world.” There are casino video games such as World Poker Championship, Four Kings Casino & Slots, Prominence Poker, Casino Inc, and Super Blackjack Battle.  In these options, you can enjoy an experience similar to any online casino but from different consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or a PC.


All these games show the relationship between video games and casinos, which is also currently observed in different games of chance. You can find slot or roulette options that seek to become more and more like these games, offering different stories and themes.

Even the developers are working on news related to virtual reality and the metaverse. Given so many technological advances, you might think that fun for casino fans is guaranteed on any platform.



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