The November issue of Retro Gamer (UK) covered my favorite console ever, the one that really started it all, the Atari 2600 and it’s 40th Anniversary of its creation.  But some reason the X-BOX got the big cover shot on it.

Two great consoles no doubt about it.  Lets talk about their Xbox coverage first.  For awhile in the 1990s, the playstation was it, it is what everyone wanted to have and until Microsoft jumped in and what was a 2 horse race with one way ahead (Sony vs. Nintendo) became a 3 horse race.  They do a great piece on the creation of the Xbox by hitting it from a bunch of different angles.

Other stories covered in here that I’m looking forward to reading when I have time while traveling in the next week include stories on Activision’s SeaQuest, collecting for the Sinclair, Rygar (an underappreciated platformer) and more!  Check it out at and get your subscription now!

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