Continuing the tradition I started in September with reviewing other industry magazines, lets go after the October issue of Retro Gamer from the UK.  I personally subscribe to it via my ipad instead of picking up at a local Barnes and Noble anymore.

This issue’s cover story is about Super Mario Sunshine.  Honestly I’ve never played the game but it interested in me in how this offshoot of the Super Mario Bros series took off after Super Mario 64.  This cool 3D platformer brought some cool spins to the Mario series and deserves more attention.

Next it went into some infomation on some other games that must have been more popular over in the UK, like Laser Squad from Blade and Rasputin from Firebird.  Stories on other characters/series I knew such as Chuck Rock and Castlevania and some cool Amiga games are covered well

Now for the article that I was excited about.  Being a gamer in the 1980s I love my Sierra games, such as Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and others.  Retro Gamer’s Edward Love “investigates” as they say on the first page.  It talks about how Sierra’s development team helped to push the technology of the IBM PC’s with audio and video cards and took full advantage of all the technology in them but at the same time made sure to serve those of us that didn’t have the higher powered beefed up computers.

Do you remember the CD-i, well I do only barely.  Never played on one but I remember it being around.  Check out the story on all the different developers and manufacturers on this unique system in October’s Retro Gamer.  Always a cool magazine that I come back to each issue several times for.  Get your digital or print subscription from them now.… after you, of course, subscribe to Old School Gamer!



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