Got my digital copy of Retro Gamer from the UK downloaded over the weekend and enjoyed doing my first pass through the magazine.  As I believe I mentioned in the August version of this article, I usually do a couple passes through my Retro Gamer magazine as I read it on my iPad and often my iPhone.  I used to get it in print but find it a ton more convenient to read this way because often the Barnes and Noble that I have purchased it at is out of stock or has only a past issue.

This month’s issue was nicely packed and covered some really cool stuff including the PC Engine (aka TurboGrafx 16 here in the States), a cool interview with AtGames, a Ultimate Guide to Moon Patrol and more.  While those were the articles that I spent the most time on, there was also a detailed piece on Medal of Honor (not my style of gaming)

AtGames was fantastic with telling their story through an interview with Yada Khoongunjorn their product coordinator.  They asked some great questions about how the Nintendo’s offerings and others in the retro gaming space have been raising the bar and how AtGames has responded to it.  He talks about the interface software has been dramatically improved and how they made the move to HDMI with the flagship products but are still offering the less expensive versions with old school RCA video and an older interface.

The PC Engine (TG16) from NEC article by Julian Rignall was fantastic.  I remember this being available in the Babbages that I worked at in high school and thinking it was so cool as compared with the more basic offerings from Nintendo and Sega but how there wasn’t a ton of games for it.  I didn’t remember all the variants that were available though as I stepped out of gaming for about 10 years starting around then.  That was one powerful unit that was really only the size of like 5 CD jewel cases or 2-3 NES cartridges.  I do remember Bonk and how he was the TG16’s Mario character.  I never really got into him though.

My next favorite article in the magazine was the “Ultimate Guide to Moon Patrol.”  Another one of those games that frustrated me most of the time, but sometimes I would have a breakout successful game on it.  There is lots of detail in there about the game, it’s conversions and much more.  For those of you into the UK popular ZX Spectrum, this is a great issue for you.  Their 35 years, 35 games piece that extends over 8 pages covers some great games from back int he day and also hits on releases in the last 5 years for this diminutive computer system.

And the last article that hit me well because of my affinity for Intellivision was about the creation of the M Network brand by the people at Intellivision.  It told a lot of the story of APh Technology Consulting who I didn’t know of before this that did a ton of development work for that console and the games.  Having only known of the “Blue Sky Rangers” and having met Keith Robinson a couple years ago, this was a very cool story to sit and enjoy.

Get yourself the magazine at your local Barnes and Noble, through Amazon or go digital like me and get it on your Apple device by going to Retro Gamer Magazine: First for classic videogames on the App Store or your android at Retro Gamer – Newsstand on Google Play.

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