About Strike Force Heroes – Strike Force Heroes is an action-packed, old-school arena shooter rebuilt with modern mechanics. First introduced as a Flash game in 2012, publisher IndieArk and developer Sky9 Games have completely reimagined Strike Force Heroes from the ground up, featuring a fully rewritten story, expanded campaign with full voice acting, enhanced graphics, and co-op and PvP multiplayer gameplay.

Key Features:
● Customize Your Hero: Level up four classes with hundreds of weapons, outfits, and
abilities, each with its own completely unique strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle.
● Choose Your Loadout: With hundreds of weapons, abilities, and equipment to choose
from, there’s something for every play style. Go with a safe loadout, or create a clever
setup that synergizes perfectly with all your equipment for risky yet deadly results.
● Epic Storyline: Experience an engaging storyline through fully animated cutscenes with
wisecracking characters, explosive action sequences, and challenging boss fights.


Strike Force Heroes launched on PC via Steam on November 10, 2023.




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