For each person, the word “retro” has a different meaning. Someone remembers the iconic slot machines of Las Vegas, and someone – the legendary gambling games for the game boy.

When it comes to slot machines in casinos, retro slots are those that were popular from the late 1960s to the early 1990s. They have unpretentious graphics and simple game design, but they still attract with their mysterious vibe. Much of the gambling games for Game Boy were based on retro slots.

Next, consider the most iconic of them. Our selection will suit both fans of everything “old-school”, and connoisseurs of ultra-modern Canadian dollar casinos.

Casino Kid

If you played NES as a kid, it must have been around 1980 or 1990, and your friends envied you. There were a lot of great games on this console, and Casino Kid was not the most popular.

But gambling aficionados were sure to spend a lot of time with it because it allowed you to earn a lot of virtual money and defeat the evil king of the casino by betting in blackjack and poker.

High Stakes Gambling

Players who own a Game Boy console may remember this fantastic black-and-white game that asks players to spin the reels of a virtual slot machine. The game is set in Las Vegas, and the player’s task is to take as much money as possible from the mafia owners of the local casinos.

Golden Nugget 64

This game is more modern than the previous two, as it was released in 1998. Here players could choose between poker, hold ’em, baccarat, craps, and several slot machines.

Such variety attracted gambling fans, who spent a lot of time here, despite the fact that real money could not be won.

Hot Slots and Peek-A-Boo Poker

Get the kids away from the screens because this is where the heat is about to begin. In the early ’90s, Nintendo released several erotic games in which, by winning gambling handouts, you could undress a woman.


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