We’ve featured many Pac-Man games on Indie Retro News, from Arlasoft’s Pac-Man on the C64, to Blockman Gets on the Amiga and even Lady Pac on the C64 by LowCarb. Well here are with another Pac game, as thanks to XeNoMoRPH contacting us just recently, he has informed us that JJGarcia Aranda has released the Pac-Man inspired game of Paco the man; A new Amstrad game which runs at a fascinating 20 FPS in basic and an incredible figure of 33 FPS in compile cycle created using massive logic.

According to auamstrad.es, not only is the smoothness of the game developed through a new algorithm (half a byte is two pixels in mode 1, or one pixel in mode zero), but while this is first time the author incorporates this technique, the first two levels of the game are in basic and the second two are already made using compiled C language with everything is integrated into the same game. As the author explains, “they are not two versions of the game, but rather it is a single game that incorporates both”

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