Following the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16, NES, SNES, GameCube, and Game Boy & Virtual Boy Anthologies, Geeks-Line is now proud to present the PlayStation 2 Tetralogy!

Six years after the PlayStation tidal wave, the end of the millennium was marked by the release of an extraordinary console with a monolithic aesthetic worthy of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and the finest high-tech parts.

While the PlayStation had paved the way to 3D, the PlayStation 2 demonstrated that this bold, new direction was the future for video games.


This limited, numbered boxed set of the PlayStation 2 Tetralogy pays tribute to the best-selling game console of all time. From its genesis to the end of its commercial run, from its incredible history to its various collector and non-collector models, from its revolutionary architecture and Emotion Engine to its most original accessories and reviews of its library of over 4,420 unique games, the PlayStation 2 Tetralogy is the world’s most accomplished series of books chronicling this legendary console.

The four volumes of this collector’s box set, exclusive to our Kickstarter campaign, are housed in four official dust covers representing four iconic PlayStation 2 titles:

This offer, including the collector’s box set, official covers, and PlayStation 2 Tetralogy, is reserved for Kickstarter backers. This set will never be reissued or reprinted.

PlayStation 2 Anthology Vol. 1 with God Of War Dust Cover

This first volume in the PlayStation 2 Tetralogy focuses on the genesis of the system, its architecture, the excitement surrounding its announcement, and the pre-launch trade shows in Japan and the United States. It presents all of the collector consoles and games officially released worldwide (in alphabetical order from # to G). It also looks back at the choices made by Sony to turn this 128-bit system into a super-powered machine with colossal worldwide success.


  • The Story – Part 1
  • All PlayStation 2 collector models
  • All Playstation 2 collector games
  • Hardware – Part 1
  • All worldwide games reviewed (#-G)

PlayStation 2 Anthology Vol. 2 with Okami Dust Cover

This second volume in the PS2 Tetralogy covers the machine’s most important period. From its launch and the impact of the DVD player, to the launch of its biggest competitors the Xbox and GameCube, and David Lynch’s disturbing advertising campaigns, this second volume will also present all of the memory cards (great to collect!), the different PS2 models, and the games officially released in Japan, Europe, and the United States (from H to P).


  • The Story – Part 2
  • All collector memory cards
  • Hardware – Part 2
  • All worldwide games reviewed (H-P)

PlayStation 2 Anthology Vol. 3 with Prince of Persia: 
The Sands of Time Dust Cover

This third volume of the PS2 Tetralogy will focus on the extraordinarily rich period in the life of the PlayStation 2, including Sony’s fierce commercial war with Microsoft and Nintendo, the appearance of new models, the success of online gaming, confirmation of the brand’s power with outstanding games (namely the Grand Theft Auto franchise), and the transition to the next generation. It will also highlight the most memorable accessories, best cinematic scenes, games that were never released, the development kits, and all games released worldwide (from Q to Z).


  • The Story – Part 3
  • All DualShock accessories
  • The best cinematics
  • All games reviewed (Q-Z)
  • Never-released games
  • Development kits

PlayStation 2 Anthology Vol. 4: Collector’s Guide
with FFX Dust Cover

This particular volume lists all of the games published for PlayStation 2 as a veritable encyclopedia. With this guide, you will:

  • Easily find the territory where a game has been marketed (Japan, North America, Europe)
  • Be able to visualize your collection at a glance using a checkbox system

Features (Vol. 1, 2, 3):

  • Inside: 360 pages, 4-color process printed on 135 gsm gloss coated paper
  • Trim size: 8.50×10.5 inches (216x267mm)
  • Cover: 4-color process, Pantone, mat lamination, spot gloss UV varnish
  • Paper cover: Gloss coated, high density
  • Binding: Hardcover, thread-sewn, 2mm thick cardboard, head & tails, shrink-wrapped

Features Vol 4 – Collector’s Guide:

  • Inside: 80 pages, B&W
  • Trim size: 8.50×10.5 inches (216x267mm)
  • Binding: Soft Cover


  • Full paper-glued on 2mm board, printed with 4-color process on 135gr glossy-coated paper, mat lamination, silver stamping, shrink-wrapped

Chapters and pagination are subject to change according to production requirements. A heading may be interchanged from one volume to another.

Release date: Winter 2024


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