The March ’99 announcement of the upcoming PlayStation 2 console instantly triggered a mental countdown timer for me. I knew I had to keep my finger on the proverbial pulse to ensure I could reserve one at my local EB Games store. I asked the store’s team to keep me abreast of when the PlayStation 2 pre-order SKU popped-up in their system and, sure enough, they came through for me. On the same day I received notice that they were accepting pre-orders, I raced over the store and plopped down my twenty dollars (that was the minimum at the time) to secure my reservation. As I did so, I was told I was the very first person at their location to officially make a reservation. In subsequent weeks, the store would initiate several hundred more reservations, which led me to worry just a tad. When I voiced my concerns about my pre-order being fulfilled on launch day, they reassured me that the reservations were to be filled on a first come, first served basis. Surely, I had nothing to worry about, being as I was lucky enough to be their #1 slot in the pre-order hierarchy… right? RIGHT?!?

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